These New Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks Are Sweeping America

Joan Miller January 21st, 2021

Breathe Freely with These New Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks!

My wife and I planned to travel to Chicago for next holiday. However, I didn't want to chance using the thin blue masks for a long flight out to Chicago and then back to my place.

During the long plane journey, those multi-layer fabric masks can get so hot and not breathable. I was struggling to find some protective face masks that are actually comfortable, until I received a package from my friend Jenny, who works in a local hospital.

It's called Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Mask.

I couldn't wait to try it on. Let me tell you, it feels lighter than the blue masks I've worn over the summer, while I honestly did feel safer with the thickness of this mask.

Jenny told me it provides a high level of protection and it's also comfortable to wear all day long. She didn't lie. I packed these in my bag and they worked so well for the plane ride.

When I put Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Mask on, it snuggles into the face so there is no open space formed between the mask and my cheeks and chin, and I can breathe in and out easily feeling safe and protected. What I like best is the nose bridge! It is soft to adjust for a tight fit that my glasses didn't fog up any more.

How Does It Work?

Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks are now growing in popularity among all the masks. I did some research to understand how it works. The "KF" stands for "Korean filter" and the 94 refers to the masks' filtration efficacy.

Utilizing a multi-layer filtration system, these Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks filter 94% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, which is verified by FDA.

Hilipert's innovative 4-layer active filtration barrier protects respiratory system. It captures great majority of airborne particles while allowing you to breathe easier. Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks are effective to filter out pollutants like dust, allergens, pollen, chemicals, and smoke, while other reusable masks are less effective when it comes to filtering harmful particles in the air.

What Makes Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks So Comfortable to Wear?

These Breathable Face Masks use three-dimensional protective design with contoured edges, leaving more breathing space for your mouth and nose to breathe. Even the most sensitive skin feels gentle with it.

Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks use ultra-lightweight materials that deliver exceptional fit and breathability, so it is comfortable to breathe even when worn for a long time. The inner layer uses fabric specially for absorbing and exhaling of moisture to wear comfortably anywhere, anytime.

The nose wire is tightly fixed to the face and does not flow down, and it's also soft and flexible to provide you maximum comfort with a perfect fit. It can also be folded into your bag, easy to incorporate and keep clean.

The special ear-loop uses highly elasticear cloth, which does not strangle the ears and fits all size to give you a secure seal. As I see it, it's the best combination of filtering, fitting and quality.

Who Can Wear Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks?

Anyone can wear these masks! Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks are safe for everyday use by everyone in your family.

Wear it at Home, School, Office, Public Transportation, Streets, Super Market, Parks, Cycling, Sports, Meeting, Stores and more. It's so soft and breathable, giving you zero facial discomfort.

It's near-impossible to spot counterfeit masks, especially when shopping online. But you can rest assured that Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks meet or exceed all of the strict guidelines and pass vetting processes.

Some frequently asked questions about our masks:

Are they FDA certified?

These KF94 face masks are FDA registered, genuine, and made in accordance with industry standards. Ideal for daily use at home, work, travel, or trips to the supermarket and gym.

How long should I switch to a new mask?

If you choose to wear a mask, do not wear it for many hours - four or five hours at most each day. And only wear it when you are in contact with other people, and change it if it becomes damaged or dirty.

Can you use it on airplane?

Yes. You can wear them in Airport or Airplane, and they can provide you protection and comfy.

Are they washable?

KF94 masks are intended for single use. They are not machine washable.

Where Can I Buy My Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Masks?

Get your Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Mask from the official website here.

Order your FDA-Registered Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Mask Only at a Fraction of the Price(At 50% OFF)! It also makes an amazing present for family, friends, or coworkers.

Please note that Hilipert KF94 Fish Type Mask is sold and discounted only from their official website here.

The Internet is full of cheap knock-offs and imitations that don't work as well. So, be aware to order from their official website and make sure to get the REAL DEAL!


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